Tories ‘to increase’ student debt

New students could find themselves leaving university with greater levels of debt if the Conservatives implement plans to increase the amount of fees paid by those attending higher education institutions.

The party has indicated that it is to consider raising the amount from £3,000 to £7,000, which could mean that students find themselves taking on bigger debts in the future in order to fund their three years of learning.

However, shadow universities secretary David Willets stressed the importance of proving the benefits such a move would have to students before a decision is taken to implement the rise.

Speaking to the Conservatives, he said: “You have to show the better experience for the students. You haven’t done that yet.”

Both pupils and lecturers have come together to decry the proposal and “[the] cosy consensus of silence” they see existing between the government and the Conservatives on the matter, the Metro reports.

Last month, it emerged that many of those leaving university fear it will take up to 20 years to pay off debts incurred as a result of going to college.

By Sarah Adie


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