Students urged to insure their belongings to avoid debt

New research has shown the average student heading to university this September will have nearly £1,500 of belongings, leading an insurer to recommend freshers have sufficient cover to remain debt free.

The research, carried out by ICM and released by, also found nine per cent of students would be taking over £3,000 worth of gadgets and accessories to university.

Among the most popular high-value items include a mobile phone or PDA – owned by 81 per cent of students – and a laptop or desktop computer, owned by 74 per cent.

If valuable possessions such as these were stolen, a student loan would take a hit to replace them, Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at the insurer said.

“It is very important that parents make sure they have sufficient contents cover in place to protect their child’s belongings – either by checking whether it’s included in their current policy or taking out separate insurance,” he warned.

The insurance company said sporting expensive watches and jewellery may attract thieves.

According to the study, students in the south-east have the highest-value attire and possessions, worth £1,634, while those in Scotland have the lowest (£831).


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