Young Brits abroad warned about debt

New research has found 23.8 per cent of British travellers aged 18 or under has been a victim of theft.

The study by Tesco Personal Finance found 63 per cent of people do not set a daily spending limit while on holiday, potentially racking up debts to face when they get home.

In total, nine per cent of British holidaymakers have had their wallet or purse stolen and seven per cent have had something taken from a hotel safe or deposit box.

Around four per cent resort to hiding their money in their underwear and 10 per cent using bum bags.

Tesco has urged people to be more careful when abroad by using forms of money that may be safer. The bank has launched its own travel money card to avoid debts caused by thieves using stolen debit or credit cards.

It was reported last week by Credit Expert that 2.5 million holidaymakers are expected to find themselves in debt this summer.

By Morwenna Kearns


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