Victims of fraud speak out about debt worries

Victims of financial fraud have spoken out about their experiences of having their bank accounts taken over by criminals.

Selina Hall – who faced high credit card debt after fraudsters used her details to fund online purchases – said that the identity theft left her feeling “trapped”.

She revealed that she is now reluctant to use her accounts for fear of it happening again.

Peter Aryes, whose joint account was nearly emptied by criminals, also said that the experience was “crippling” and left him feeling “paranoid”.

Commenting on this, Richard Hurley, communications manager for UK fraud prevention service Cifas, remarked that the financial damage caused by the crime can be rectified, but added that it can also have emotional and psychological effects.

“Anyone who thinks that fraud is a victimless crime should think again,” he stated.

Recently, Cifas reported that the amount of UK fraud cases has increased during the recession as consumers struggle with money.

By Jamie Price


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