Consumers “not taking advantage” of online deals

Consumers are failing to utilise the internet enough when it comes to managing their finances, a new survey has suggested.

According to’s findings, the average person is paying £185 a year more for their standard energy plans than those who go online.

Despite these potential savings, however, 95 per cent of households are not using the web to cater for their energy needs.

“This is about consumers failing to take advantage,” commented uSwitch energy expert Will Marples.

“There is absolutely no reason for large numbers of consumers to be overpaying for their household energy.”

Online energy plans can be up to £344 cheaper, Mr Marples’ organisation found.

It stated that the average energy bill is now £1,245 a year factoring in price rises and suggested that by going on the internet, those struggling with debt management could reduce this to around £1,000.

Last month, uSwitch discovered that 38 million people are planning to change the way they handle their finances due to the economic downturn.

By Chris Trimble


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