Bargain-hunting more talked about than splashing the cash!

A recent report has suggested talking about the bargains you’ve managed to hunt down is becoming more of a talking point than having splashed the cash on expensive purchases. Is the same true for people talking about their debts rather than how much money they have saved for a rainy day?

A report released last week by uSwitch claimed that Brits are no longer bragging and boasting about having the biggest and best possessions, instead, they’re comparing who’s got the best bargains.

The report suggested the reason behind this change is that people don’t want friends or family to think they are escaping the recession lightly and as such 79% of the people surveyed said they were more likely to show pride at how cheap their possessions were rather than the expensive cost.

Bagging a bargain

I’m not sure how many people were polled for this report and whilst I agree that in certain circles it’s becoming more fashionable to have bagged a bargain than to have paid full price, I don’t think the same is true when it comes to discussing debts.

From my experiences here at ClearDebt, I think being in debt is something the majority of people aren’t happy to admit and discuss proudly. Owing money and struggling to pay it back is very much different to finding a bargain and telling your friends how much you saved.

Thrifty with your money

The two could almost be complete opposites – showing that you are thrifty with your money is a sign that you’re surviving the recession, whilst having unmanageable debts show that you’re struggling.

We want to know how you feel when it comes to talking about your debts, vote in our poll and tell us if you’re comfortable discussing your debts with friends and family.

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