ClearDebt Christmas Giveaway – £600 Prize Draw

This Christmas ClearDebt are giving back to their clients with their “12 days of Christmas” giveaway.

We’re helping to lighten the load this Christmas by giving away £600 in our “12 days of Christmas” promotion.

ClearDebt's 12 days of Christmas Giveaway

As the cold, dark evenings begin to set in and the stores sprinkle their aisles with festive décor, it’s only natural that those watching the purse strings begin to twitch with worry about how much the next month is going to cost us.

The gift list can easily spiral out of control no matter how hard you try to cut back, and of course, there’s still Christmas Dinner to think of….and Boxing Day…and New Year’s Eve.

We know how hard it can be at this time of year and so, we have decided to lighten the load a little and try and help out with the costs during this festive time.

This December, we’re giving you, our clients the chance to win £50 a day for the first 12 working days of Christmas. Six IVA and six Debt Management Plan clients will be selected at random to receive a £50 gift voucher for any store of their choice making a total giveaway sum of £600!

This money can help buy the food for Christmas Day, presents for the family or even be used to treat yourself – relieving a great strain on anyone’s shoulders at this time of year.

Look out for counter updates on the ClearDebt homepage showing how much we’ve given away as the total rises between the 1-16 December.

In the meantime, we wish you all a Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year!

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  1. Have just been told I`ve won £50.  I am recuperating from a spinal fusion operation so this is a very welcome surprise.  It will certainly make all the difference to my christmas food shop.

    1.  Hope you will win £600 in coming christmas. I have also tried my luck but i failed and didn’t get anything. May be this year has come with something good for me.