Edwina Currie – a judgemental view on the money worries many people today are facing

A comment on the remarks made by Edwina Currie on Radio5Live which reduced a caller speaking about her money problems to tears.

Edwina Currie should be hanging her head in shame today.

It was with shock that I listened to the narrow minded comments and judgements made by former MP Edwina Curry on Radio 5 Live this morning. Edwina brandished her unfounded criticisms onto a financially exhausted young mother whose situation has become so desperate that she and her, husband regularly go without meals in order to ensure that their children can eat.

Edwina Currie at Annual Dinner 124 year old Hayley Sanderson was reduced to tears as Edwina suggested she had ‘lived life to the full’ and this had resulted in her current indebted position. Through this Edwina only demonstrated her stereotypical belief of indebted people and exposed the unfair stigma people like Hayley face.

For anyone who has read my previous blogs or heard me on the radio, my financial past has granted me a great deal of empathy for anyone in the position Hayley has found herself in; I know from personal experience how quickly unexpected hardships can spiral out of control. I am therefore appalled that Edwina Currie could feel comfortable or even fair making such judgements when Hayley went on to say her life had taken a dramatic downwards turn when her husband lost his job whilst she was pregnant.

For me my husband was made redundant when my daughter was just two weeks old; I was only on statutory maternity pay and we had no redundancy cover on our mortgage. Like many people not expecting to be hit by the recession, we had budgeted our life accordingly to the income we jointly earned. I made the decision to go back to work when my daughter was just six weeks old to ensure we had one salary coming in – we had no other options. Despite the cut backs we made, we used our savings to cover the costs my salary didn’t cover. We worked to a strict budget and once we’d hit our limit, we’d eat what was left in the cupboards or nothing at all.

We didn’t buy new clothes, we sold what we could on eBay and at car boot sales – we struggled but we did our best.

My husband thankfully found a job five months later but we still watch every penny which comes in and goes out…and we have an extra £800 per month to budget for as our daughter is in full time child care. We still forego many pleasures we once enjoyed such as holidays; we don’t have credit cards and we rarely go out for a meal without a voucher!

We have however come through the other side of what was a very stressful and difficult time. It only makes me question Edwina’s snap judgement – do you really know your facts and are you really in touch with the reality of how people get into financial strain or debt? Because if the answer is no, as it appears to be, then why were you commenting or questioning Hayley’s call so judgementally?

Some of the most common reasons for people being in debt in the current economic climate are redundancy, separation, divorce, pregnancy, illness and family bereavement, not “a life lived to the full” as suggested by Edwina.

By judging others you can often make assumptions without all the facts and I personally believe unless you or I have gone through exactly what someone else has gone through in their path to debt and their courage to get out of it, then we have no right to judge- it doesn’t help them, and it didn’t help you Edwina – it just makes you look ignorant.

Hayley had called into the radio show, not to be judged but for help, understanding and most likely, inspiration for a way out of her financial worries.

I have now been with ClearDebt three and a half years and I’m proud with what we do here. Each day we are able to change people’s lives for the better and give them hope and relief. I use my own experience as a way of connecting with our clients and making sure we not only provide advice and solutions to people in debt but that we provide support and useful information which can help them on their journey to a debt free future.

Our clients review us on independent websites like ReviewCentre.com and Trustpilot and constantly refer to the fact they feel “comfortable”, “relieved” and “un judged” by the team they speak to. Until a similar review could be written about Edwina and her judgements, I suggest she re-evaluates her approach to speaking with people in debt, or refrain from participating in the conversation at all.

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  1. Edwina is predictable in her soundbite politics. Most laughable was the suggestion that the family should declare bankrupt. Quite how she might deal with that is beyond us.

  2. Jax, I hope you won’t mind me saying publicly how much I think your empathy with people facing financial challenges brings to ClearDebt. It takes a lot of courage to write as yu have above. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Andrew – I decided shortly after joining ClearDebt and hearing what our clients go through to be open about my own past experience.  By doing this, I hope to set the example of showing people that being open about money worries and how we address such issues doesn’t have to be “taboo”.

    In my opinion, it’s better to talk openly, share and inspire others in similar situations –  and be proud of what you do to resolve your situation.  So many people are either in debt or struggling to stay on top of their finances.  Struggling in silence can often make someone feel isolated and increase their chances of experiencing high levels of stress and panic as well.

    This is a real chance for people who have been or are in debt, or financial distress, to speak out about it and enlighten peeople like Edwina.

  4. she aint got life bad yehh i know her becouse i go out with her sister, she has 2 cars one is a suburu and also a vauhall why do you need 2 cars may i ask  ?  she went on holiday last year for a week becouse me and her sister looked after the house ,and she is going on holiday this year , she managed to save for them soo why not save for the kids ?  shes got a ps3 got ann xbox 360 shes got a plasma tv shes got the lot so stop and think before you have sympathy for her at the end of the day its going to be yourrr money that you earn to look after her F**** THAT . its not only her there is other people out there that think there in this situation but tbh they dont know what poverty stricken is!

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