Take the poll and support our campaign for people in debt

Planning to vote at this year’s election? Despite the number of people in the UK struggling with debt – and the fact we’ve experienced one of the worst recessions this country has ever seen, creditors and other financial institutions are still treating you unfairly. It’s time for change – a change that will give you better rights, enabling you to work towards a more stable financial future. Will you help us make a difference?

Planning to vote at the May 6 UK general election? People in debt are – right now – much more powerful than they think.  11% of Britons are in debt difficulties – that’s enough people to change the result in almost every parliamentary seat!

The general election on May 6 is a great chance to change your future.

Take our quick poll here – it’s the first step in a campaign Debtby, the Debt Monster, is running now – and after the election – to get fairer treatment for people with debt problems.

The banks are still treating people in debt unfairly. They treat you like a FUNT – Financially Untouchable!

The election is your chance to make a difference.

In the days to come the Debt Monster will be showing politicians how important your vote is and how vital it is for them to fight for the rights of those struggling with debt. And we won’t stop once those candidates become MPs.

First, let´s tell the politicians how you plan to vote – so we can show them how important you are.

Take the poll here – it will take you less than 5 seconds!

Thanks for your help and watch out for future blog posts and updates on this campaign.

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  1. I remember the 3 day week the last time labour were in power and to be honest they have created more history this time round with Banks going under and the economy in tatters.
    Its time for a change back and I will probably vote tory’s even though maybe it would be interesting to see the Libdems get in however, the problem is too much shift to Libdems may give labour the edge and I really dont want them in again.

  2. I have been a life long non-Thatcher Tory (and probably will be again) but this time I think I’d like to see a hung Parliament with Conservatives the largest party (Don’t want much, do I?). Why – cos i think a hung Parliament will change British politics for good (and forever).

  3. We have been in debt for the last 7 months with the bank we thought we had paid it off but then the bank put the interest on now we still owe the bank about £600 all interest we can only pay a little but the interest is more than we pay it feels like we will be paying the bank for a long time. We do have a water bill too with court cost we have to pay seven trent water over £400 everything is just getting on top of us. I work 30 hours a week I take home £207 a week. I´m married with three children 2 boys and a prinses agers of 12 years 2 years and 6 weeks we get £132 a month and £87 a week that´s it the rent where we live is £500 a month. All of the debts we have are just getting bigger and bigger and we can`t do anything about it, it´s so stressfull.

  4. Better with a totally clean break and after the first leaders meeting on Thursday evening. I thought that Nick Clegg and the LD should now have a change. We do not want a Tory goverment and it´s about time for Labour to move over.

  5. Because Clegg came accross a nice guy on TV, doesnt mean he or his party have a clue!!! Hitler was amazing in front of an audience, dont be misled

    Please do not vote LibDem, if you do you will ensure 5 more years of Brown. Lib Dems will take votes from the Tories more than Labour.

  6. For gods sake people, grow up!!! Clegg had a good night on TV last Thursday, his party have few policies and those they have are left of Labour.
    Tory voters who defect to Lib Dems ensure Brown will stay in power.
    Please don’t be niave, A hung parliament means another election within a year and for that year nothing will happen and nothing will change.

    With the economy as it is, we need a decisive goverment (even if it means Brown)

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