Brits are ‘wasting £22 million in energy’

People in the UK could be wasting money this summer if they forget to turn appliances off at the socket before going on holiday, one organisation has suggested.

Eon has estimated that a late summer could leave Britons who have decided to go away on vacation £22 million down just because they forget to take household items off the standby function.

Emma Thompson, the firm’s energy efficient expert, said people might expect their electricity bills to decline during a holiday but this may not be the case.

“Failing to switch appliances off at the socket may mean that the reduction in the cost of your bill may not be as big as it could be,” she commented.

According to Eon, Plasma TVs and DVD players are the biggest energy guzzlers.

Earlier this month,’s Will Marples said that many consumers could benefit this summer as utilities companies are becoming increasingly competitive in lowering their prices to attract customers.

By Francis Finch


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