Cash-strapped Brits ‘turning to supermarket brands’

People in the UK are making savvy consumer decisions when purchasing food, including buying supermarket own brands, one expert has suggested.

According to recent figures by, nearly three-quarters of Brits now choose these items in preference to label goods, compared to just 25 per cent last year.

Rumina Hassam, personal finance expert at the organisation, said the cost-cutting lessons people are learning during the recession will stand them in good stead in the future.

She remarked: “The number of Brits making basic changes to their weekly food shopping patterns has increased dramatically since last year, as the effects of the recession continue to amplify.”

Other thrifty practices enjoyed by Britons include growing vegetables at home, with nearly one-fifth foregoing supermarket produce.

Shopping online has also increased in popularity, showing a ten per cent increase on figures from last year.

Last month, a spokesperson for UK national tourism agency VisitBritain said many holidaymakers are considering staying in Britain to save money.

By Francis Finch


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