Energy savings ‘to be made by switching’

People looking to save money on their energy bills could benefit from switching suppliers, one expert has suggested.

Alison Morrison of free independent service Which? Switch said it may be unusual for most individuals to think about their heating supplier in summer, but now could be the perfect time to make a change.

She remarked: “Now that all of the major energy companies have cut their prices, this could be a great opportunity to switch suppliers or tariffs.”

According to the consumer body, while utility providers have slashed prices, they do not compare to the increases seen last year, when the average electricity bill rose by 14 per cent and the typical gas charges saw a 28.7 per cent hike.

Those wanting to stay with the same supplier may benefit from simply swapping tariffs to a monthly direct debit or an online account.

Maria Wardrobe, director of communications at National Energy Action, recently stated that government plans to cut emissions may cause an increase in energy costs.

By Francis Finch


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