Nationwide welcomes credit card praise

Nationwide Building Society has welcomed the news that it has been named as the best credit card provider in the UK at this year’s Card Awards.

With millions of consumers struggling with high levels of debt management, the building society has suggested that the transparency and the quality of the information it provides has played an important part in its commendation.

Additionally, Nationwide has claimed that its order of payments system is more favourable to consumers with debt management trouble than many of its rivals’ cards.

Jeremy Wood, Nationwide’s director of consumer finance, said: “We understand how difficult it can be for consumers to make the right card choice.

“This is why it is important that the information is presented to customers clearly to help them choose the card that best suits them.” warned earlier this week that many credit card users are unknowingly spending extra cash on servicing their cheapest debt first because of their provider’s order of payments structure.


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