May day in credit?

As the May Bank Holiday draws close, we research how people pay for those “rainy day” excursions and unplanned events.

As we finally say goodbye to the frost and snow, signs of spring are on their way and for many of us – particularly with two May Bank Holidays ahead – this means spending we probably didn’t plan for. Family days out feel like a much needed break when the sun comes out and we all have a few days off work.

But what if it rains or the car breaks down?

Respected comparison site, Moneysupermarket has recorded as much as a 58% rise in demand for payday loans in the run up to the May Bank Holidays – indicating that for many budgeting Brits, their cash does not always stretch to those pesky little extras that all mount up. It could be as simple as bumping into old friends and sharing the bill for an unplanned meal out, an impromptu day trip out because the sun is shining, or a treat for the kids because the big discounts are on.

How do we manage the extra costs then?

A more traditional buffer for days out and personal emergencies are savings accounts – though it’s easy to understand the desperate popularity of payday loans, when we’re rabbits in the headlights and the ads come on. So, with the centuries old celebration of May Day coming up, we thought we’d go old school, with a prize draw and quiz.

How much do we really know about credit unions, for instance, or rainy day funds and lending circles? Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting questions like this to our community of ClearDebt clients and people who’ve come to us for advice in the past. Watch this space for their answers and budgeting tips before the next bank holiday weekend.

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